It takes on average 11 years for someone to seek help for their mental health difficulties. That's a long time to struggle with symptoms which you can learn to manage effectively today.

The AHLTA committee recognises that waiting for and having a heart/lung transplant can be difficult and affect people, carers and families in different ways.  

Your Transplant Team may include a Social Worker, Psychologist or a Consultant liaison Psychiatry Team member such as a Clinical Nurse Consult (CLP-CNC) who may be able to direct you to mental health support services appropriate for your individual situation and needs.

There are also a number of other services available that may also be able to provide support

This resource is available for St Vincent’s Patients

This way up is an online mental health platform developed by St Vincent’s Hospital, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and CRUFAD  (Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression).  The courses do have a cost but you can print a letter for your GP or Transplant team to sign to access for no cost

The Australian Centre for Heart Health is another resource that can be accessed for patients who have had a Cardiac history.  A mental healthcare plan is required to access this service.  They are based in Victoria and offer a tele-health service.

If you know of any other mental health and wellbeing services then please contact us.