The Aim.

After a heart and/or lung transplant, patients are required to attend St Vincent’s Hospital for a set of check-ups for at least 12 weeks. A large number of the patients live a long distance from the hospital. Therefore, the AHLTA house has been provided for convenience of these patients who live more than 100 kilometres outside of Sydney.

The property is conveniently located only 400 metres from St Vincent’s hospital.

What You Receive At The AHLTA House.

- Bed linen, crockery and full cooking facilities
- Lockable pantry
- Washing machine and dryer
- Telephone (Please remember that you need to purchase a phone card from the foyer of the Xavier Building, or next to the public phones on the wards. Make sure you purchase a Phoneaway card.)

What You Need To Bring To The House.

- Food
- Tea, coffee and milk
- Laundry powder
- Your own toiletries.


Rooms cost $30.00 per person per night (subject to change) and are booked through the social work department of St Vincent’s Hospital.

Please remember that accounts must be paid in full one day before departure.

What About Safety?

For your safety, security will escort you to the house in the evening.
Please wait at the Enquiry Desk, Xavier building level 3 at 7.45pm.

Please do not leave money or your valuables in the house. Each room has a small safe for your convenience however AHLTA along with St Vincent’s Hospital accept no responsibility for items left in safe.

Unauthorised pedestrian access via the St Vincent’s Hospital Loading Dock is strictly prohibited.

Is There Parking Available?

Yes, there is limited parking available in the area.
There is also some street parking and an undercover commercial car park at the Public Hospital.

What Are The General Rules?

1. No smoking on the premises
2. Please keep the common areas clean and tidy
3. Please leave the bags provided for soiled linen outside the front door on Wednesday morning.
4. Leave the bed made up, using clean linen on departure and put soiled linen in the linen bag provided.
5. Turn off all air-conditioners and lights when not required or when leaving the house.

How To Book?

Simply call the Social Work Department to book, or alternatively you can book through the Social Worker.

- Please confirm all the bookings before collecting the keys.
- Please advise if you are arriving after hours or weekends.
- You also need to advise the Social Work Department if you have any difficulty climbing stairs.