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Doll Ladies Stall

All the Doll Ladies Stalls dates for 2021 will be advised once the Corona Virus Social restrictions are over. We are always looking for volunteers for these days. If you think you can help please contact Lyn Kerslake on 0403344048 or drop us an email at lynkerslakehome@gmail.com

AHLTA Thanksgiving

The June 2020 Service has been cancelled due to the Corona Virus social restrictions.
We will advise when the date for the 2021 Service is known.
Our last Annual Thanksgiving Service was held on the 15th June 2019.
Father Darryl’s reflection is worth reading:

“I’d like to begin this reflection with an aboriginal story. It goes like this. Once upon a time, there was an aboriginal tribe that settled along a mighty river. It was teeming with all kinds of fresh water creatures that sustained the people and provided much security and well-being for them. They lived happily along its banks. Then, one day, almost without warning a big flood came and submerged everything in its path. The people evacuated to dry land. When the flood subsided they went back and resettled where they used to. But then, things were not quite the same after the great flood. The river flow became weaker and weaker. What was once a mighty river gradually was reduced to a billabong. The people sat daily around its edge and wondered what had become of their once mighty and life-giving river. It was all very sad and depressing until some of them decided to go upstream and inspect.
They returned later and made an incredible announcement that their beloved river had not dried up. It had merely changed its course. In my 23rd year as a priest and my 7 years here as chaplain... I have this said so many times…. life is going along ok then bang... Life can change in a matter of moments… you could probably agree with this statement… along comes the doctors, the appointments and then comes the plan. For some it happens a donor is found quickly, others much longer and sadly some may miss out… but then the good news comes… testament to you all here today… then life can change again in a matter of moments… new life
Today we will light candles as we gather we give thanks for life… conscious that we also give thanks for our donor’s life, their family and their friends.Candles are a beautiful symbol in a darkened room they fill it will light, they bring warmth and a perfume…. we light candles to celebrate certain events like birthdays… today we light them to give thanks for the gift and joy of life…

In hope we light a candle. In our healing we light a candle for remembrance.
Remembering those who have died we light a candle for their peace.
We simply light a candle.”