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St Vincents Heart Lung Newsletter

To login to the Transplant Rehab Program use the following links:

CLICK HERE for Hearts and CLICK HERE for Lungs and enter the appropriate logins and password.

For heart transplant recipients:
Username: heart-user
Password: W6qVuPT!i2o@!7
(You should be able to copy and paste the password in)

For Lung transplant recipients:
Username: lung-user
Password: !nY!Ah!V63NQ8qn
(You should be able to copy and paste the password in)

If you have any further questions you can always email on or call the Coordinators on 8382 3158

TOGETHER IN TRANSPLANT - Patient Support Group



Remember you are welcome to join if you are pre or post transplant. Carers are also welcome.

· For privacy reasons you must have your camera switched on
· We ask that information shared is kept within the support group.
· All transplants patients welcome (Heart, Lung, Kidney, Liver, Heart & Lung etc)

This group is a patient support group run by patients for patients and carers.
Each week we set a topic for discussion, however you are welcome to ask any questions or bring any topics you may have.
This week’s topic will be: From ICU to the Ward what did recovery look like for you?
If you had previous surgeries, did you find the recovery easier or more challenging?
What were your biggest challenges?
How did you push through?

What made your recovery more comfortable etc

*** To join Together in Transplant click this link:

Topic: Together in Transplant Zoom Support Meeting

Time: Friday 04:30 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Biopsy Bugle
Archived copies of AHLTA’s quarterly Newsletter the Biopsy Bugle, are now available. 
Click Here to go directly to the latest copy then go to "Browse this collection"

Link to Pumphead documentary
Click Here

The Lung Transplant Foundation are running sessions on Lung Rejection, BOS and RAS
Click Here to view