i am excited to bring you more potentially life-saving advice as part of our how-to series.

The latest in our how-to series is your guide to using an AED (automated external defibrillator). It might seem like something only a medical professional can use, but that is far from the case.

Click this link to watch our new AED how-to video and learn how to use an AED today.

Defibrillators are surprisingly simple to operate with verbal and visual prompts to guide you in delivering a potentially life-saving shock to a person suffering cardiac arrest.

A cardiac arrest is fatal in nine out of 10 cases, and every minute without defibrillation reduces the chance of survival by around 10%.

While I sincerely hope you never find yourself in the position of witnessing a cardiac arrest, I hope by watching this video today, you will feel confident to take action if needed.

Remember - anyone can use a defibrillator!. Learn today.

Professor Jason Kovacic

Executive Director
Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute