January 6th 2022

Dear Heart Lung Patients,

We understand that it remains very difficult to navigate a new way of living and how to continue to manage life with COVID safely.

Due to the nature of this virus and as you have seen in the media, recommendations are evolving and updated regularly.

The Heart Lung Clinic remains operational in a virtual capacity and face-to-face for specific clinical conditions/reasons. Should you be required to present to the HLC for a scheduled appointment or have been directed to do so by the Transplant team we will contact you with information regarding what test and measures will be required (whether this be a PCR or Rapid Antigen Test at that time).

Please continue to be vigilant in your communities, ensure you are washing your hands regularly, continue to wear masks when you are unable to socially distance yourself and ensure family and friends are vaccinated.

We have had enquiries in regard to the fourth dose; we are pleased to inform you that ATAGI have released changes to immunocompromised patients.

What has changed?
People aged 18 years or older who received a 3-dose primary course due to severe immunocompromise are now recommended to receive a booster (4th) dose ≥ 4 months after their 3rd dose.

Which vaccine to choose?

Both Comirnaty (Pfizer) and Spikevax (Moderna- 50μg) are recommended for use as a booster vaccine, and both are considered equally acceptable. AstraZeneca can be used for people who have contraindications to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Where can I find more information?

ATAGI Update - December 2021(4th Dose update) | Vaccine options/advice (Pfizer/Moderna)

Kind regards
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