Victoria McGee

Committee Member  (HTX)

Heart Transplant Recipient 2019

Founder of Together in Transplant Patient Support Network

During her teen years, Victoria had an inclination something wasn’t quite right with her heart.

Though it was investigated by many cardiologists at the time, her condition went undiagnosed, that was until at 28 years of age, when she found herself exhausted and so breathless that she could not walk more than a few metres.

With the help of St.Vincent’s Hospital Victoria was diagnosed with ARVC which developed into Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

Overtime Victoria’s condition worsened and under the watchful eye of the Transplant Team, Victoria was listed for transplant at 34 in April 2019.

Waiting just 4 weeks Victoria received her life saving transplant that May.

During her journey, Victoria discovered a significant gap in services provided to support to fellow transplant patients when it came to mental health & well-being.

Closing the gap Victoria established Together in Transplant Patient Support Network, providing fellow patients with much needed support through lived experience.

Victoria remains passionate at working towards better care of transplant patients mental & emotional well-being in the future.