AHLTA Proudly Supports

AHLTA proudly supports and provides maintenance to a number of items, whether it is in the Heart/Lung Clinic or the AHLTA House in Leichhardt St, Darlinghurst.


Noddy Cars have been available for transplant patients to use for many years. The AHLTA does all the maintenance work for these cars to ensure they are at their best and ready for the less mobile patients. We do this in order to help out our members that are in need of a little help. There are four Noddy Cars available for you.

What is a Noddy Car?

The Noddy Cars are electric scooters that provide important advantages to lung/heart transplants recipients. A Noddy Car will help you to be more mobile and independent after transplant.

How to book?

Please see Justin at reception of the Heart/ Lung Clinic for more information and bookings.  All bookings are subject to availability.


The aim

Having a heart or lung transplant may cause fear, anxiety, and stress. We have strived to minimise your concern in a different ways. Therefore, watching the fish seems to bring a little bit of tranquillity to all of us while waiting to see a doctor at the clinic.  

It’s all for you…

The ever-popular Fish Tank located in the Heart/Lung Clinic is maintained by the AHLTA. We take care of the costs involved with regular maintenance and cleaning. Even when it mysteriously ‘emptied’ itself overnight, we made sure it was back up and running within no time.

So, please enjoy the beautiful Fish Tank while waiting to see a doctor.