Financial Assistance

The aim

We understand that some transplant recipients and those on the waiting list may have difficulties managing their financial situation. Therefore, the financial assistance program has been introduced to support our members throughout their journey.

Limited funds are available to assist our members in covering some of their household costs.


You have to be a resident of Australia who is a transplant recipient, or on the waiting list of heart or lung transplants. Immediate family members of patient are eligible to apply for financial assistance too.

Only one application per person/family allowed for assistance within a 12 month period.

AHLTA will assess the level of need and not all applications will be approved, even if the above conditions are met.

How do we provide the financial assistance?

The financial assistance can be provided in two forms:

  1. Grant - maximum amount of $1,000 (one off payment)
  2. Fitness grant – maximum $1,000 for appropriate fitness activity e.g. gym membership, physiotherapy sessions, swimming, fitness equipment, sporting footwear.

Payments are made to creditors, such as Electricity Company, Gyms, and Fitness supply companies.

No direct payments are made to patients or family members, unless special exemption is made by AHLTA President, Treasurer and Secretary.

All the members are eligible to apply for reimbursement for the costs of maintaining fitness and well-being.

We provide financial assistance for

Household bills including telephone, insurance, gas, electricity and water.

Medical equipment such as oxygen or wheelchair maintenance.

Pharmacy bills

Emergency accommodation- Near St Vincent’s Hospital, Darlinghurst

Sport related activities. Gym membership, physiotherapy sessions, swimming, tennis, yoga, and more.

We DO NOT provide financial assistance for:


Credit Card Flight
Household modification

Pay TV Bill for non-essentials
Car registration

School Fees Rent and mortgage repayment

All applications are confidential and adhere to the NSW Department of Health confidentiality agreement. The President, Treasurer or Secretary of AHLTA, only, will review the applications.

How to apply:

Simply fill in the Application Form and email it to

Or you can also post your application to the below address:

The President


PO BOX 309,

Kings Cross, NSW 1340.

Mark all applications as CONFIDENTIAL please.